Is wearing Pajamas (Pyjamas) really healthy for women?

It is often said that happiness is a state of mind, in fact, a healthy mind. It is an art of first taking good care of yourself day in and out. If you think it is just about those no-hoper crash diets and nonstop workout drills, think again. Let us remind you that there are small, simple ways about the way you feel, the simplest of which is to upgrade your pajamas or pyjamas wear.


Many of us get worn out by the end of the day, and so much that we don’t even bother what we put on when we finally hit the sack. If you’re tin-assed, you somehow manage to brush your teeth and remove your makeup before you get to sleep. But what difference does wearing a good pyjama do after all?

The general misconception is that your bed is simply to have rest and enjoy sex.  Yes, there is no denying that. But what if you want to convert your bed into a workspace, or if you just enjoy working from home, you need to consider what you want to slip on before you finally slip in.

Feeling great on the inside stems from the feel-good factor on the outside. A pyjama is better to quietly slip on than your fave old sweatshirt or your boyfriend’s T-shirt. Though pyjamas don’t deliver much in terms of boosting your self-esteem, you don’t want to hit the hay either with too big and unflattering an outfit. Whether Pyjamas inspire romantic behaviours and thoughts is quite subjective.

Behavioural modification can be positively impactful. The bedroom comes as no exception. Wearing a pyjama can be comfortable and soft as well as sexy and flattering. If you’re looking to alternate your old and tattered night outfit with something sexy or cute, pick a pair of fitting pyjamas and put aside the rest.

We bet you’ll feel better, and sleep lot better with the pyjamas on (and never go to bed mad!) And for all those balmy days and sizzling nights, may a pair of pyjamas be on your side.

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